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CellDesigner terms SBOTerm SBOTerm name
Antisense Rna SBO:0000334 non-coding RNA
Complex SBO:0000253 non-covalent complex
Hypothetical complex SBO:0000289 functional compartment
Degraded SBO:0000291 empty set
Drug SBO:0000298 synthetic chemical compound
Gene SBO:0000243 gene
Generic protein SBO:0000252 polypeptide chain
Ion SBO:0000327 non-macromolecular ion
Ion channel SBO:0000284 transporter
Phenotype SBO:0000358 phenotype
Receptor SBO:0000244 receptor
Rna SBO:0000278 messenger RNA
Small molecule SBO:0000247 simple chemical
Truncated protein SBO:0000252 polypeptide chain
Unknown SBO:0000285 material entity of unspecified nature


CellDesigner terms SBOTerm SBOTerm name
Catalysis SBO:0000013 catalyst
Inhibition SBO:0000537 complete inhibitor
Modulation SBO:0000594 neutral participant
Physical stimulation SBO:0000459 stimulator
Trigger SBO:0000461 essential activator
Unknown catalysis SBO:0000462 non-essential activator
Unknown Inhibition SBO:0000536 partial inhibitor

Reaction (process description)

CellDesigner terms SBOTerm SBOTerm name
Dissociation SBO:0000180 dissociation
Heterodimer association SBO:0000177 non-covalent binding
Known transition omitted SBO:0000395 encapsulating process
State transition SBO:0000176 biochemical reaction
Transcription SBO:0000183 transcription
Translation SBO:0000184 translation
Transport SBO:0000185 translocation reaction
Truncation SBO:0000178 cleavage
Unknown transition SBO:0000396 uncertain process

Reaction (activity flow)

CellDesigner terms SBOTerm SBOTerm name
Negative influence SBO:0000407 absolute inhibition
Positive influence SBO:0000171 necessary stimulation
Reduced modulation SBO:0000344 molecular interaction
Reduced physical stimulation SBO:0000411 absolute stimulation
Reduced trigger SBO:0000168 control
Unknown negative influence SBO:0000169 inhibition
Unknown positive influence SBO:0000172 catalysis
Unknown reduced modulation SBO:0000342 molecular or genetic interaction
Unknown reduced physical stimulation SBO:0000170 stimulation
Unknown reduced trigger SBO:0000205 composite biochemical process

Boolean logic gates

CellDesigner terms SBOTerm SBOTerm name
Boolean Logic Gate And SBO:0000173 and
Boolean Logic Gate Or SBO:0000174 or
Boolean Logic Gate Not SBO:0000238 not
Boolean Logic Gate Unknown SBO:0000398 logical relationship

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