16.4.0 MINERVA Release

21 Dec 2023

Small improvement:

  • performance of project removal improved
  • performance of list elements by included/excluded compartments improved
  • loading time of export page improved
  • performance of fetching elements from database improved (for example when searching elements)
  • when exporting to SBGN provide dimension of the map
  • export to sbgn provide map id
  • export/import to GPML supports map name
  • allow ADMIN and CURATOR to reorder public data overlays in browser view
  • unused files are removed once per week


  • when importing from CellDesigner coordinates of coding region in a gene were incorrectly computed
  • export to SBML did not provide text label for CodingRegion and RegulatoryRegion
  • center map and submaps when center button is pressed
  • upload of the project was setting the map name to project name