16.2.9 MINERVA Release

22 Oct 2022


  • Parsing GPML file with unknown ShapeType caused errors during parsing.

  • Information about layers was not merged in merge API call.

  • API call DownloadModel with limited list of reactions and elements downloaded also text areas.

  • When CellDesigner species contained notes in both Species and Gene tags, the notes were improperly parsed and caused issues on export.

  • When the last cell in the last column of data overlay file was empty, upload of that overlay caused an unexpected error.

  • Delete plugin button is disabled when removing plugin.

  • Removing non existing overlay caused an error.

Fixed API documentation:

  • Authentication token is not needed (and misleading) when accessing list of projects from guest account.

  • Authentication token was missing in logout sample.

  • In Start downloading genome data the response field was removed, as it was empty and unnecessary.

  • Information where genomeId can be found was added.

  • Information where geneMappingId can be found was added.

  • When creating user better user password example was provided.

  • When creating user list of parameters was wrong.

  • Unnecessary -i option in curl examples was removed.