16.2.12 MINERVA Release

31 Aug 2023


  • Non-existing user name/surname should be shown as “” in admin panel

  • Exporting elements as tab separated list with selected columns “Complex name” or “Compartment/Pathway name” caused exporting both of them

  • When data overlay entry was empty (with no identifier, name, etc.) it matched to everything, but should not match to anything

  • Problem with fetching data in Firefox returned improper message

  • Pathways were not included in “Included / Excluded compartment/pathways” in Export elements/network list

  • Pathway with negative Z-Index and glyph should not be clickable

  • Clicking on selected reaction was hiding reaction participants in left panel

  • Number of publication displayed in the publication list could be different than the number of publication visible in project info - explanation added