16.2.10 MINERVA Release

25 Jan 2023


  • Exporting map with data overlay coloring did not work.

  • Non-numeric character in PubMed id prevented download of publications list.

  • line_width was ignored when fetching information about advanced data overlay.

  • Global xml namespace definition caused MINERVA to fail on processing model notes.

  • Genetic data overlays from zip input did not contain proper information about the genome.

  • Overlay genetic data that contained multiple matches (for example two different uniprot id for the same gene) caused problem when visualizing the genome browser.

  • While exporting the elements, if the list of selected excluded/included compartments was too long, then the error was raised.

  • If results in the left panel for merged map contained different submap links, MINERVA crashed.

Fixed API documentation:

  • Typos in API documentation were corrected.

  • Header in logout method changed to keep consistency with other methods.

  • Missing information about genomeId added when adding gene mapping.