16.0.6 MINERVA Release

7 Jan 2022

Performance fixed:

  • Fetching all bioEntities using plugin API is faster; reactions and elements are fetched in parallel.

  • Showing data overlay is faster on the projects with multiple maps.

  • Postgres database is vacuumed every night at 2:15 to improve performance.


  • REST API did not respect mapId when listing overlay elements in a project.

  • log4j2 updated to address security issue CVE-2021-44832.

  • Multiple conversion between formats SBGN→SBML→SBGN→SBML could crash if in the meantime there were additional elements added.

  • If there is a problem with loading data from MINERVA (“Load failed”) suggestion to retry before submitting error report is provided.

  • Export to SBML of the model that contained compartment with default_compartment id was crashing.

  • Import of SBGN file where target port of the modification was not defined crashed MINERVA.

  • Clicking on “empty” area in the map, while using Pathways and compartments view, returned results for the closest Pathway/Compartment.

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