16.0.1 MINERVA Release

9 Nov 2021


  • PubMed identifier was not visible in the link name in left panel.

  • Auto discovery of genomics file stopped working.

  • Currently, the error messages ‘Failed to fetch’ are held better.

  • Converter used invalid content-type charset when providing SBML file content.

  • Duplicated BioPAX identifier in GPML format resulted in Internal Server Error instead of the warning.

  • Currently, the reaction to Complex label in GPML format is handled.

  • The speed of fetching reactions information (clicking on reaction) from API is improved.

  • The speed of searching by coordinates improved (clicking on the map).

  • The speed of exporting as map/image is improved.

  • Unexpected error hung uploading of the project.

  • Too many projects opened inside one domain caused issues with storing session data.

  • Search for a drug with target without defined type caused an error.

  • Refreshing the list of the projects was taking a lot of time when there were projects with a lot of log entries.

  • Targets of ChEMBL compounds (like ME-344) were not highlighted on map.

  • ChEMBL drugs targeting RNA (like BEVASIRANIB) prevented providing list of suggested drug queries.

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