15.0.2 MINERVA Release

1 July 2020


  • Annotations using identifiers.org url sometimes required http and sometimes required https url.

  • Text area were not converted to GPML using conversion API.

  • Map’s notes were not exported to GPML.

  • Export of notes might create invalid GPML file in case the notes contained hyperlinks.

  • Reaction’s notes were not imported from GPML.

  • Color and line type of the reaction additional reactant/product were not exported to GPML.

  • The coordinates of the children in compact complexes in CellDesigner were wrong - elements were overlapped.

  • The user-provided data overlays were not removed when user was deleted.

  • Global kinetic parameters exported to SBML created invalid SBML file.

  • Name provided by user in add comment dialog was not visible in the Administrator panel.

  • bqmodel:isInstanceOf and bqmodel:hasInstance relation types were not handled properly.

  • bqmodel:isInstanceOf, bqmodel:hasInstance, bqbiol:hasProperty, bqbiol:isPropertyOf and isDerivedFrom relation types are not supported by CellDesigner. Currently, these are transformed during export into bqbiol:hasVersion, which is readable by CellDesigner.

  • There was an issue with cached data at random time points.

  • Sometimes DAPI connection timeout threw error if checking for all chemicals for a specific protein.

  • Complex/compartment with empty name was incorrectly exported to CellDesigner.

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