15.1.1 MINERVA Release

23 Nov 2020


  • The zoom level change was not reflected in the url when a submap was opened.

  • Export to CellDesigner of a map with species ids containing “:” or “.”, generated a file which CellDesigner could not open.

  • Removing non-existing project resulted in an error message, instead of a warning.

  • API call returning list of the overlays returned for non-existing project returned status “Access denied” instead of “Not found”.

  • The drugs search results for ChEMBL, targeting UniProt without gene name (e.g. P0C2L1) could crash caching during a project’s upload.

  • Boolean AND operator was not drawn in SBGN-like display.

  • Opening a map on Google Maps canvas without a background resulted in an unexpected error.

  • Export of a map, colored with the overlay, as an image did not respect the overlay’s colors.

  • User could not accepted Terms of Service information.