15.1.0 MINERVA Release

22 Oct 2020

Small improvement:

  • Currently there are flags available for element over REST API: ‘active’ and ‘hypothetical’, with the information if the species is active or hypothetical.

  • “Human Disease Ontology”, “IUPHAR ligand” and “Protein Modification Ontology” annotation types are handled.

  • The annotations are exported in SBGN extension so that can be opened by Newt.

  • Plugin API allows to add/remove data overlays.

  • Logged user can change the password.

  • The possibility to reset the password has been added.

  • Import SBML uses render:fill color for compartment.

  • In SBML render stroke color for glyphs is used for defining the font’s color.

  • When SBML with layout contains different glyph text and species name those two values are assigned to the name and the full name.

  • Process rectangle can be specified in SBML with the reaction bounding box.

  • API allows to remove the plugin data entry.

  • Transport/translation/transcription reactions are exported to SBGN-PD.

  • Unknown Transition Reaction is exported to GPML as Conversion.

  • When uploading a complex map with the images, the warnings are raised in case the images are not referenced in coords.txt file.

  • Pressing Enter key after filling the credentials automatically tries to log in.

  • REST API provides information about an element glyph and Z index.

  • The pathways with glyphs and Z index below 0 are not clickable.

  • Modifier Reaction from CellDesigner are exported properly to SBGN-ML PD.

  • SBGN notes are imported and exported properly.

  • There is a possibility to customize Request an account email title.

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  • SBML text labels that were referencing layout aliases usinglayout:graphicalObject attribute were not handled properly.

  • MolArt version upgraded to 1.7, to handle new protein API syntax.

  • LDAP connection did not work properly in case uid in LDAP/AD contained upper case letters.

  • Miriam urls in new format, like: https://identifiers.org/kegg.compound:197020, are parsed properly for all known identifier types.

  • In SBGN-like view, the protein’s state is drawn as stadium-shape.

  • Export to image from a selected polygon contained all elements inside rectangle bounded by the polygon coordinates.

  • Continuous refreshing list of the project when uploading/removing project did not allow to change other project details.

  • Import of SBML crashed if multi extension did not contain species type list.

  • When the content of element popover is too wide, the scrollbar is visible.

  • Problem with accessing miRTarBase data on new instances is fixed.

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