14.0.9 MINERVA Release

25 Feb 2020


  • Simultaneous export to SBML of more than one file could result in 500 Internal Server Error.

  • Refresh of data overlay, that was selected during removal, did not hide that data overlay.

  • Transparent complexes were drawn with colour. Currently, the complexes transparency is preserved.

  • Sometimes, CellDesigner marks reduced notation reaction as reversible, even though they are not visualized so. Currently, MINERVA displays the reduced notation reaction as non reversible.

  • When data overlay was being removed, the user could request to remove the same overlay second time, what caused an error. Currently, remove overlay button gets inactive after clicking it.

  • During advanced upload, if data overlay name is not present in the zip file, the name of the file is used as the overlay name. Previously, the overlay was uploaded with empty name.

  • Upload of an empty data overlay resulted in an error.

  • Exporting the map with glyphs crashed.

  • Gene’s active transcription sites in Empty general view are drawn in black.

  • Currently, corrupted cached ChEMBL drug data is handle properly.

  • If SBGN file contained the consumption starting in a process, or a reaction without the product, upload of such map did not work.

  • Activity flow reactions inside SBGN process description caused the upload of the map to crash. Currently AF reactions are not supported and not drawn in MINERVA.

  • When SBGN production pointed directly to the process instead of process port upload crashed.

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