14.0.8 MINERVA Release

28 Jan 2020


  • API did not allow to upload plugins with local url.

  • Upload of data overlay with two entries having different UniProt identifiers but pointing to the same gene crashed.

  • The plugin cannot be removed twice, as button remove the plugin is inactive after clicking on it.

  • Upload of SBML file which contains a very short reaction length could produce a map that might not be exported to SBML anymore.

  • Import of structural state from SBGN-ML PD that cannot be normalised to the residue is changed into structural state without losing the information.

  • Import of stimulation modifiers from SBGN-ML crashed converter.

  • Export to SBGN files created from Newt source produced corrupted disconnected reactions.

  • Upload from zip file allowed an empty overlay name. Currently, if data overlay file does not contain tag “NAME”, the overlay is named as per the data overlay file.

  • Genome browser slider did not work properly in Safari on non-default browser zoom level.

  • Opening the project without general view but with some custom data overlays crashed with an error.

  • When session expires updating options in configuration panel threw unhandled error.

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