14.0.5 MINERVA Release

3 Dec 2019


  • Copy-paste of genetic variant data overlay, with column identifier_UniProt, into Add overlay content dialog could crash upload.

  • Some annotators, like CAZy, Stitch, TAIR, were crashing on old installations.

  • Uploading an archived project (containing data overlays with field TYPE in header) broke postgres constraints and hung the upload of the project.

  • Uploading of the page with low internet connection speed could produce empty screen for several seconds/minutes. Now the loading icon is present.

  • Search for drug NADH resulted in drug NADH details, except its name.

  • Export to SBML did not handle properly the interactions arrows.

  • The font colour of the text area (in CellDesigner) was preserved in Empty view.

  • Currently, an exported SBML file always contains the model identifier.

  • Typo allel corrected to allele in overlay data column.

  • After loading/removing too many plugins it was impossible to load new plugin.

  • If plugins right panel used too much space, the CLEAR button was hidden under it. Currently, the legend checkbox, the comment checkbox and CLEAR button disappears consecutively.

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