14.0.3 MINERVA Release

18 Oct 2019


  • The default zoom level on the main map did not work when x or y were undefined. Currently, setting only default zoom level is sufficient.

  • SBML parser had sometimes problems with combining layout and multi packages.

  • Parsing of the CellDesigner files that contained substanceUnits could crash the upload.

  • CLEAR button disappeared when plugin tab used too much space.

  • The verification of the version’s length has been added during project upload.

  • Removing data overlay refreshes the list of overlays displayed in the element’s information window.

  • The general overlays are always displayed on top of data overlays in the element’s information window.

  • Refresh button in the left panel synchronises the list of general and user provided data overlays.

  • Changing order of data overlays is reflected in the element’s information window.

  • Opening the map with no available background crashed.

  • Uploading SBGN file that did not pass xsd validation failed the upload. Currently, if the SBGN file does not pass xsd validation, the warning is provided and upload is successful.

  • Export of the map to SBML that was imported with older version (below 14.0.0) did not produce valid SBML.

  • The fields in Add project window are reinitialised after each window opening.

  • File’s name case in uploaded zip files is preserved.

  • +/- buttons were misaligned in the genome browser.

  • The color of the links in the left panel was unintentionally changed.

  • MINERVA logo at the bottom of the left panel is centred properly now.

  • Width of the search button icon was too big.

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