12.0.3 MINERVA Release

27 Aug 2018


  • In SBML model blocks annotation and kineticLaw cause errors on upload
    ⟹ now: Blocks annotation and kineticLaw are omitted on upload

  • Export as map to SBML does not work properly, SBML file code is incomplete what crashes re-upload of that file
    ⟹ now: Export as map to SBML file generates correct SBML file

  • Zip files are not processed properly, adding a new project with zip source file returns errors
    ⟹ now: Uploading a map with archived file as source file works properly

  • Required annotations are always required for reactions type: translation and transcription, adding a new project with no required annotations returns warning about missing annotation
    ⟹ now: If there are no annotations on Required list for translation and transcription, no warning about missing annotation occurs

  • Editing/removing the default empty map is available to all users
    ⟹ now: Access restricted - user is not able to remove the default empty map