12.0.1 MINERVA Release

24 Jul 2018


  • Setting of submap default zoom level is not correct
    ⟹ now: Submap are displayed according to the value of default zoom level

  • Opened submap has different general overlay than currently selected
    ⟹ now: Opened submap has correct overlay as per chosen one in left panel

  • Viewing a comment in OpenLayers is difficult - necessity of precise clicking on comment sign on the map
    ⟹ now: Clicking on comment sign on the map shows its content

  • General map comment does not display its coordinates properly
    ⟹ now: Comments coordinates are shown properly

  • Uploading a map might crash if CellDesigner source file contains duplicated reaction IDs
    ⟹ now: Map’s upload works correctly even if source file has duplicated reaction IDs

  • The info window of selected element is on the outside of the currently display area in OpenLayers Library
    ⟹ now: The map is repositioned to show the whole info window of selected element