12.2.3 MINERVA Release

24 Apr 2019

Bugs fixed:

  • Sorting of entries in the Overlay tab in Edit project dialog works .

  • Searching of the chemicals stopped working due to expired SSL certificate on https://ctdbase.org/

  • Currently, the Remove button is disabled after removing of the data overlay starts.

  • The search auto-complete hints are displayed correctly now.

  • Updating the terms of use could crash if the list of users was removed in a separate browser tab or by another user in a parallel session.

  • In case the user did not have privileges to remove the comments, the remove button was still active on pages other than page 1.

  • The export of the reactions to SBML did not work when the reactions lines on the map were too short.

Small improvements:

  • The name of the checkbox in Add project dialog has been updated on Split semantic zoom into separate layers.