12.2.2 MINERVA Release

9 Apr 2019

Bugs fixed:

  • Downloading overlays for a particular project from Administrator’s panel did not work in case, the chosen project id differed from the project id originally accessed (it is displayed in the URL).

  • The overlay list was sorted incorrectly after the owner of the data overlay was changed.

  • In case of updating the disease id for a project, the chemical search did not recognize the update. It took the original disease id from the project upload.

  • User login with special characters (i.e. @) could cause problems in Administrator’s panel.

  • Removing a project without full control in the system, but with enough privileges to remove a project, caused Not enough privileges error.

  • Export of the custom map’s properties (e.g. synonyms) is properly encoded in CellDesigner xml.

  • Currently there is a notification about MINERVA not supporting Internet Explorer.