12.2.1 MINERVA Release

3 Apr 2019

Bugs fixed:

  • SBML The export of the reaction colors to SBML is properly encoded now. COPASI can read the reactions colors correctly

  • In case there are few plugins uploaded, removing an active plugin did not switch the plugin tab to the next plugin. To see the content of active plugin there was need to click on its name in the plugin right panel

  • A submap, that already has been closed, was displayed again after refreshing the page

  • Currently, the comment remove button is disabled for the users without the corresponding privileges

  • Clicking on the reaction annotated with an invalid PubMed identifier (e.g. non numerical) crashed the system. Currently invalid PubMed ids are handled

  • API: Cache for API queries is explicitly disabled - some queries could be mistakenly cached and the system behaviour might get unstable