12.1.2 MINERVA Release

12 Dec 2018

Feature enhancements:

  • A short explanation for the Custom Semantic Zoom is available in the Add Project window, after clicking on the ’?’ icon.


  • Plugin API: The opacity has not worked when the objects were highlighted in the plugins.

  • The integer configuration options (e.g. SMTP_PORT) have not been properly validated before saving. Currently, there is no possibility to input other value than a number.

  • For the Known Transition Omitted reactions MINERVA has incorrectly visualized the reaction’s edge - the box has not been aligned.

  • Upload of the overlay with a too long name has resulted in the wrong setting of the map div size and disturbed users’ interactions with the map.

  • REST API : Searching for the particular drugs has ended up with the internal server error.

  • The LDAP login has been case sensitive, currently it is case insensitive.

  • Adding a new user has happened to result in an error in the front-end.