12.1.0 MINERVA Release

31 Oct 2018


  • Genome browser with gene variants

  • LDAP authentication

  • Multicoloured anchors to the submap for data overlays

  • MINERVA is distributed using RPM packages

Feature enhancements:

  • User-friendly documentation for plugin URL field available

  • Changing of Terms of Service url allows admin to reset the status of ToS acceptance for all users

  • Annotations from RHEA are handled

  • Support of all CellDesigner element’s modifications

  • Default privilege value for Custom overlays are added

  • Additional overlays generated by custom semantic zoom can be removed

  • Plugins get an access to the information about active submap

  • Description of grouped results provides the names of the compartment and the complex


  • Selection of required annotation on a map upload is improved

  • Clicking on search result icon (on the map) changes tab to the corresponding search results

  • Reduced modulation edge is displayed in CellDesigner and MINERVA identically


  • Search results are not visible after initial search on top map

  • Going to Export page and back is breaking a map

  • Export of special characters to PDF is not working

  • Export of map is not working

  • Coordinates of selected area are not processed properly when they exceed canvas

  • Adding new user is causing an error ⟹ now: Double click on user add button is disabled

  • Privileges are not mirrored correctly across different popup dialog windows

  • Plugin tab CSS fixed

  • Uploading SBML file with no ids in glyphs returns error with not sufficient description ⟹ now: Error comment brings precise details

  • Single variant in genomics view happens to hidden from initial view

  • DS store file is crashing zip upload ⟹ now: DS store are ignored

  • When creating new user, the default privileges are not filled

  • Passwords in the configuration tab are not hidden with *

  • Loading invalid plugin is rendering empty div

  • Sorting of custom overlays is broken if description of overlay is present

  • Map clarity is decreased due to problem with adjustment fonts in complexes (as the font should be smaller than 1pt) ⟹ now: The description is not drawn anymore if the font should be smaller than 1pt

  • Annotations for elements with mutation in name (e.g. BID(p15)) are not provided


  • Fixed: Double login with new LDAP credentials does not raise error

  • Fixed: Empty LDAP filter does not raise error

  • Fixed: Migration scripts work with database without super admin privileges

  • Fixed: Postgres migration script does not work with new docker compose

  • All LDAP parameters are configurable

  • Explicit logging of successful and unsuccessful logins

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