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The main view of the MINERVA Platform is summarized in the figure below. This schema will be referenced in different parts of the manual.

Interface Overview

Main components of this view are:

  • Display area where the contents of the projects are visualized.
  • Functional area (left panel) for advanced interaction with explored content.
  • Information bar contains additional overlay functions.
  • Plugins / Admin panel allowing to upload or use existing plugins, user login, and access the Administrator panel. User login is possible also in Overlays tab or Info tab.

The MINERVA Platform: User’s manual

Getting Started - Access and Browse

This section provides a comprehensive guide to help users get started with the MINERVA platform. It gives an overview of the map and then covers the initial steps such as User Login, Sign Up, and accessing the projects. The final part explains how to explore the display area.

Searching and Visualising Data

This section explores the functionalities of the left panel, like Search, Overlays, Submaps and Info.

Context Menu

This section provides more details about MolArt, and then addresses how to add comments and export the view as a map or image.


This section explores the plugins and shows how to work with them.