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  • URL: /doLogin
  • Method: POST
  • Parameters:
    • login - user login, ‘anonymous’ can be used for accessing API with guest account access level
    • password - user password, for guest account this field is optional
  • Output. If login operation is successful then MINERVA_AUTH_TOKEN cookie will be created with authentication token. If credentials are invalid response with 403 status code will be returned. Token will be valid for the next 120 minutes.
  • Example:
    curl -X POST -c - --data "login=anonymous&password=" \


  • URL: /doLogout
  • Method: POST
  • Parameters: NONE
  • Example:
    curl -X POST --data "" --cookie "MINERVA_AUTH_TOKEN=xxxxxx" \

Check if user is authenticated:

Sometimes there is need for verification if user is authenticated in the current session (for instance we might need this information to check if our session did not expire). This API call provides this information.

  • URL: /users/isSessionValid
  • Method: GET
  • Parameters: NONE
  • Example:
    curl -X GET --data "" --cookie "MINERVA_AUTH_TOKEN=xxxxxx" \