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Welcome to The MINERVA Platform website! Check out Quick Start to get familiar with the basics. When you are ready to explore more MINERVA’s features, check out the manuals. The manuals are supported by the examples, which explain the major MINERVA’s features step-by-step.


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What is The MINERVA Platform?

The MINERVA (Molecular Interaction NEtwoRk VisuAlization) Platform is a standalone webserver for visual exploration, analysis and management of molecular networks encoded in following systems biology formats: CellDesigner, SBML, SBGN and GPML. The networks generated by the platform are accessible via a web browser to all viewers with the weblink to the resource. Exemplary network visualized by the MINERVA Platform is Parkinson's Disease map. If you are interested in local MINERVA instance - check out section Install....
MINERVA is a webservice using the Java Server Faces 2 technology. The server side, including data parsing, integration, annotation and verification, is implemented in Java 8. The platform uses the Postgres SQL database for data storage and the Hibernate framework as a middle layer between web server and database. The user web-interface is generated in JavaScript and content is visualized by OpenLayers/Google Maps API.
Find out more about the latest changes of MINERVA in Release notes.

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Quick Start

Getting started with the MINERVA Platform: Beginner’s Quick Start.


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